Writer’s Block – Short Film Starring Bryan Cranston

Here I will be compiling all the content and info on the crazy endeavor that was the 2013 short film Writer’s Block.  What started off as an on set joke while filming a feature film called “Cold Comes the Night”, turned into a 2 day race against everything to create a short film with Bryan Cranston!  Truly unbelievable!

crew2Crew  – Spencer, Me, Thomas (Above), Bryan Cranston, Brandon & Chaz!

I was director of photography and played a part in developing the story through cinematic storytelling, which only means that parts in the movie happened because of the shots I came up with.  We also used all my cameras, crane, stedi-cam, lighting and more.  It was truly an amazing situation to be involved with Bryan Cranston was the nicest person ever and the cast and crew were all serious troopers for pulling off what we were able to pull of in the down time while shooting a feature film.  More to come…

Writer’s Block – Teaser Trailer

Teaser trailer for Writer’s Block Starring Bryan Cranston, shot by Shane Valcich!

Writer’s Block – Full Short Film

Full short film Writer’s Block starring Bryan Cranston shot by Shane Valcich!

Writer’s Block – Behind The Scenes

Behind the scenes of me shooting Writer’s Block starring Bryan Cranston!

Writer’s Block – Behind the scenes photos

Below is a slide show of behind the scenes photos taken by various cast & crew.

Writer’s Block – Signed Script

Here is my copy of the screenplay signed by Bryan Cranston because I am a total fan boy.



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