Tru TV’s Impractical Jokers in the Catskills Hunter NY

Jokers2Murr and Joe from Impractical Jokers posing with me after several successful cliff-jumps!

I worked with the director and producers of Tru TV’s Impractical Jokers to bring them to the Catskills!  They had found my Cliffjumping in the Catskills video and contacted me to take them on a tour of what I thought would be the top 5 locations.  They brought a hand held sonar depth finder for me to use and we went to a bunch of locations and I performed tricks for them and got reading on height and depth. They agreed with my original assessment that Fawns Leap was going to be the best looking location to shoot at.

Then they hired me again to be the stunt supervisor on the day of the shoot where I got to teach the Jokers how to jump properly and safely.  It was an epic adventure check out a clip and/or the full episode linked below!  And as I was collecting my pay a local cop that I went to highschool with was issuing a ticket to the illegally parked production van, I grabbed my cash and jumped into my illegally parked car which was next in line for a ticket and I took off!

Impractical Jokers in the Catskills – Clip

Full Episode – The Alliance

The complete episode of Tru TV’s Impractical Jokers filmed at Fawns Leap in Hunter NY

Episode info from Wikipedia: 1.41 million views on first airing!

37 21 “The Alliance” September 5, 2013 Joe with Sal and Murr
Winner: Q
The guys go head-to-head trying to avoid laughing during slide show presentations, search for celebrity look-alikes again in the park, and vote for each other to do horrible challenges using paddles with their names on them.

Punishment: Since Sal, Murr, and Joe, formed an alliance against Q and lost to him in the final challenge, they each end up losers in the show’s first triple punishment. Their punishment is to answer questions about Q’s life while standing on a cliff hanging over a reservoir called “Q Falls”. Every incorrect answer moves them closer to the edge, and three incorrect answers forces them to jump into the water. The punishment ends when one person is left standing and is officially declared “Q’s best friend.” With Sal and Murr ending up the 2 losers, Joe wins the challenge in the end and walks away with Q, making it the third time (the second time for Joe) a Joker escaped their punishment unscathed.

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